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The Zorna Hotel in Plava laguna (the Blue Lagoon) is located some 5 kilometres from Porec, one of pristine and bustling tourist centres of Istria, Croatia. This is an all-inclusive …

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Evaluation of Camps in the Porec area, prices, recommendation and information

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Naturist Camp Ulika

Ulika Nudist Porec

Camp Naturist Ulika Rovinj is situated on a peninsula 6 km north of Porec in an area surrounded by wine fields, and well hidden away from main stream tourism. The …

Camping Puntica Funtana


Camping Puntica is practically located within the Istrian town of Funtana. It is one of smaller camping grounds in Istria. However, small does not mean you cannot obtain all you …

Naturist Camp Solaris Porec-Tar


Naturist Camp Solaris Tar/Porec*** is situated on the Laterna peninsula 13 km north of Porec. The camp which has a capacity of close to 4.000 naturist campers, is one of …

Camp Bijela Uvala Porec


Camp Bijela Uvala is situated between Porec and Vrsar on the Istrian Peninsula, the camps is among the largest camps in Istria, with a capacity of 6000 campers. The tree …

Camp Zelena Laguna Porec

Pool camping Laguna

Camping Zelena Laguna Porec*** Situated 5.5 km south of Porec city center just next to the camp Bijela Uvala. Zelena Laguna is a large tourist resort which also includes several …